Brax Matrix ML6D


Since years, the BRAX MATRIX speaker series is synonymous for unrivaled sound and quality characteristics.

Thus, the focus of the further development of the 6.5″ / 165 mm woofers was on state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated materials to meet the requirements of the brand BRAX – pure and precise sound reproduction.

Similar to the new loudspeakers ML10 and ML3 the unique ″MicroSphere″ coating of the ML6D cone also assures outstanding precision in sound reproduction. This patented technology embeds ceramic hollow spheres with a diameter of solely 75 µm in a polyamide layer that is applied to the cone. The special coating guarantees a perfect inner damping without adversely affecting the weight of the cone. This innovative coating increases the stiffness of the hand-scooped cone and lets the woofer play even more dynamically and accentuated.

In terms of design and technology the BRAX philosophy is unexceptionally continued: The gentle, precious appearance reveals smart details like the new, hemispherically shaped dustcap for an optimized frequency response in the upper midrange area, the perfectly linear magnet structure for lowest possible distortion, the multiple ventilated voice-coil for high power handling as well as the rigid and aerodynamically efficient diecast basket. Used as a provider of low-frequencies the ML6D finalizes audiophile sound concepts that are entirely designed for authentic musical enjoyment.

As with every MATRIX product, each speaker set receives its unique serial number, which is recorded in our service database. The exclusive wooden box packaging emphasizes once again the high-end character of BRAX. A stainless steel mounting ring set including grille (MR6) is optionally available. The solid stainless steel ring can either be used as mounting ring or grille support ring depending on mounting position.

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6,5″ midbass

Power RMS / max. : 120 W / 170 W

Impedance : 4 Ω

DC resistance : 3.6 Ω

Voice coil diameter : 37 mm

Voice coil winding height : 14 mm

Max. linear excursion : /- 4.0 mm

Cone area : 137 cm²

Moving mass : 16.1 g

Mechanical resistance : 0.74 kg/s

Resonance frequency : 49 Hz

Mechanical Q factor : 6.75

Electrical Q factor : 0.58

Total Q factor : 0.54

Compliance : 644 μm/N

Equivalent air volume : 16.8 L

Force factor : 5.6 Tm

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m : 88.0 dB

Sold in pairs!

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