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DD Audio DSI-2


DD Audio DSI-2 is a DSP that can be controlled via Android or Apple devices or via PC. Signal inputs both high-level and low-level. Remote system is selectable auto-high, auto-low or cable. This is excellent choice to use with OEM head units. Or to any system where easy-to-use DSP is wanted. Inputs have summing possibility. Some OEM systems do not have full range signals in one pair of cables, so signal summing helps you to get full range signal in. This processor can be adjusted via PC ( USB-B cable ) or via Apple or Android devices ( optional DSI-BTR ). DSI-BTR includes BT receiver to both adjustments and audio streaming and a remote unit to control volume and choice memory positions. With this DSP you can make all adjustments to active 4-way system. Or active 2-way front, rear and subwoofer. Or anything that need 8 channels.

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PC, Android and Apple Graphic User Interfaces

5 bandParametric Equalizer to 8 individual channels

– 20 – 20 000 Hz

– Q 0.4 – 28

– range -12 – +12 dB

Crossovers to 8 individual channels:

– 20 – 20 000 Hz HP/LP/BP

– Butterwoth/Bessel/Linkwitz Riley

– slope 6/12/18/24 dB/oct

– level -60 – 0 dB

– phase 0/180

Time Alignment:

– 0 – 8.0 ms / 0 – 277 cm / 0 – 109 inches

Bluetooth Compatible ( optional DSI-BTR package)

Remote Controllable ( optional DSI-BTR package)

6 Customizable EQ Presets

4ch High-level inputs

4ch Low-level RCA inputs

Input Summing

10ch Low-level RCA outputs (8 Programmable + 2 Pass-Through)

Aluminum Chassis

Input Voltage Sensitivity: 855mv-1.6V (RCA), 7V-14V (Speaker Level)

Input Channels: 4

Output Channels: 10 (8 DSP + 2 Pass Through)

Output Voltage: 5V (CH1 – CH8), 2.6V (CH9 – CH10)

Dimensions: mm: 150 x 106 x 39

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