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Ground Zero GZHW 25SPL


Ground Zero GZHW 25SPL is a real candy. In performance and looks. And built to play LOUD! Hydrogen SPL subwoofers are optimized with Klippel. Measurements done during 10 hours of test drive are so crucial that there are now weak spots left after optimization is done. Power used during these tests is four times bigger than drivers power rating. Result is a very well balanced subwoofer. With all parts working as they should.

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10″ subwoofer
2×1 ohm voice coils
2.5″ copper voice coil
Mounting diameter 238 mm
Mounting depth 178 mm
Aluminium cast basket
Klippel optimized triple magnets
Cone Reinforced paper
Power Handling 1200 W RMS, 2500 W SPL Power
Sensitivity 83 dB
Xmax 45 mm
Fs 41.8 Hz
Qts 0.487
Vas 8.53 L


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