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Ground Zero GZIW 12SPL-EXT


Are you ready to go EXTreme? Ground Zero Iridium SPL subwoofers have been amongst most sold for years. Stunning value for money and excellent performance level have been unbeatable. Now this is taken to next level with GZIW 12SPL-EXT that is developed to Nordic Countries only !!! This subwoofer has HighTemp voice coil and bigger motor than ″regular″ Iridium SPL. With these improvements more powerhandling and better sensitivity are achieved. When having a 2 dB better sensitivity, subwoofer is a LOT LOUDER with the same amount of power. Thanks to Klippel-optimization driver has very linear impedance curve and it take spower in well. Carefully designed voice coil and cooling power handling is excellent. Long excursion gives great response even with lower frequencies.

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o High power SPL subwoofer
o Klippel® optimized
o Reinforced paper cone
o 2.5” HighTemp voice coil
o High-roll sandwich surround
o Progressive 2-layer spider
o Push terminal

Voice coil diameter 63 / 2.5″
Impedance 2x 2 ohms
Re 3.9 ohms
Fs 36.5 Hz
Qms 6.1
Qes 0.45
Qts 0.41
Vas 32.8 L / 1.16 ft³
Le mH (@ 10 kHz) 1.69
Mms 201.2 gr
Xmax 35 mm / 1.38″
SPL (1W/1m) 88 dB
BL 22.0
Power handling 1200 Watts SPL
Recommended amplifier power 800 – 1200 WRMS @4 Ohm ( 1 Ohm)

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