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Ground Zero GZIW 15SPL


Don´t get fooled by the affordable price! These budget class SPL-monsters are designed with Klippel-optimization to squeeze out every single desibel that is possible to get. Voice coil cooling is very efficient and long excursion gives you a LOT of bass. Very linear impedance curve makes it possible to really extract all the power from the amp to these subwoofers.

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-15″ subwoofer
– 2 x 2 ohm voicecoil
– 2,5″ voice coil diameter
– recommended ported enclosure 100 liters ( NET )
– also for FreeAir use
– power handling 900 W RMS
– peak power handling 1200 watts
– x-max: 35 mm
– linear x-max: +- 10 mm
– qts: 0,54
– Fs: 39,9 Hz
– Vas: 61,32 liters
– sensitivity: 91dB
– mounting depth 188 mm
– cutout diameter 360 mm

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