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Hifipaket VOLVO-FH Series 2012-


Sound package to Volvo FH-series from MATCH. Suitable to trucks with basic OEM radio. Not suitable to trucks with OEM subwoofer. We have examined the acoustics of FH-series and sound quality of OEM speakers. After that we have built a DSP software to correct imperfections in sound caused by OEM speakers, their positions and acoustics of the truck. Then we added a subwoofer that is easy to install and completes the sound by playing those lower tunes that OEM speakers can not deliver. You do not have to change speakers or radio, just add a Plug & Play amplifier with remote bass level control and a Plug & Play subwoofer. You do not need to cut or alter any original wires, everything is installed with high quality Plug&Play adapters. This installation takes only 30 minutes and does not do any harm to the truck. And of course it does not affect to the warranty in any way. If you change the truck, you can remove this sound package to your new truck and nobody even knows it once was in the old one. You will get the sound tuning software from your retailer that delivers you this package. You can install the software to a micro SD card. When you insert the card to amplifier, it installs software automatically. Software adjustments stay in amplifier memory even if you disconnect power for longer periods of time. The only question is: Are you ready to enjoy every kilometre behind the steering wheel like never before?

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