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Rainbow SL-S12


The often-mentioned price-performance ratio is an ally in this series. Solid and current technology combined with everyday practicality parameters. The appearance does not miss out. From the front and from back this series is processed very presentable and clean. No posers, rather a fine all-rounder for good music and lots of fun. And due to the space-saving parameter it can be even more… – Powder coated stamped folded stoel basket – Aluminum Compound Cone – Extensive and clever ventilation system of spider and back plate – Special designed butyl rubber surround – Palladium-plated push terminals – Spider ventilation via basket – High permeable double magnet 3,5 kg – Unique laser cut and profiled cone guide for optimized ventilation and reinforcement – X-max: +/- 20 mm – PA-proved lead wires ø: 1,6 mm

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2 x 2 Ohm
Max. 750 Watts
Frequency Responce: 25 Hz – 200 HzPeak power handling 750 Watt
Power rating 400 Watt
Frequency response 25-20 Hz
DC-Resistance 2 x 2 Ω
Frame diameter 327 mm
Mounting diameter 280mm
Basket rim height without / with ring 4,2 / 13,6 mm
Mounting depth 161 mm
Overall depth 180 mm
Magnet diameter 165 mm
Displacemet 4,0 Liter
Suitable for… Gehäuse
Fs 25,00 Hz
Redc 3,80 Ω
Qms 2,55
Qes 0,43
Qts 0,37
Le 1,30 mH
Vas (Sd) 75,00 Liter
Sd 518,00 cm²
Z @ 100 Hz 5,10 Ω
Z @ 1 kHz –
Z @ 10 kHz –
Rms 11,80 kg/s
Xmax 30,00 mm
Sealed minimum 28 Liter
Ported mininum 35 Liter
Aeroport-tube Ø / length 3 / 29cm

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