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FMC Singelpod Solo

Trött på att inte ha plats för diskanter i bilen? Inte sugen på att plasta dina A-stolpar eller segelpaneler? Låt oss introducera FMC Single-pod! Detta är en enklare modell i PETG-plast med en ledad del. OBS! Diskanter ingår ej.

Ai-Sonic Solo 10

- Ultra stable arrow yoke aluminum cone - Fast response moving part suspension - Designed for sealed and compact low-tuned vented enclosure - Cotton blended Conex spider - SOLO-design gun metal coated parts

Ai-Sonic Solo 1

- Matching pair selected High-End tweeter - 28 mm Acoustic optimized silk dome (made in Japan) - Heavy weight copper chamber for low distortion - High density neodymium magnet - SOLO-design gun metal coated parts

Ai-Sonic Solo 3

- Matching pair selected High-End midrange - Special lightweight cloth surround - Acoustic optimized paper cone - Drop on Top - magnetic grill - High density neodymium magnet - SOLO-design gun metal coated parts

Ai-Sonic Solo 6

- Hybrid Crystal aluminum cone - Optimized air flow Titanium coil - Die cast basket - Drop on Top - magnetic grill - SOLO-design gun metal coated parts - Price per piece

FOUR Connect SOLO 5.0m RCA Cable

″Just listen to my soul″ High-End FOUR Connect SOLO rca cables. We designed the SOLO RCA cables for the people who want to experience a neutral sound and really experiense the dynamics in the music. We use Japanese Furukawa OCC (Ohno Continous Cast) copper in this cable. OCC copper is the absolute purest and best for audio reproduction that you can get. The Furukawa OCC copper has so few impurities and oxides that the internal capacitance of the cable is really low and its sound discoloration is as low as it can get, a high capacitance cable for example works like a crossover and eats high frequencies instead. The SOLO RCA series is a great choice for any sound system, both for caraudio and homeaudio useage. The cables are protected on the outside with a durable draided fabricsleeve and finished with shrinktubing with indicators for signal direction. The connectors are really sturdy, all-metal and have a threaded lock which ensures that the connectors stay securely in place regardless of the situation. The contact surfaces are gold-plated copper, which guarantees the best possible contact surface for signal flow. Available lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2.5m and 5m.

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