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DD Audio 3510G ESP D2 SuperCharged


The 3500s are some of our most sonically accurate sub-drivers. This accuracy comes from a low moving mass, ultra high energy design that uses a crazy strong motor with a highly focused voice coil gap. 3500 Series subs come with EROM or V-ROM surrounds, multi-layer spiders, 800-degree thermoset voice coils, and cast aluminum frames. All of these features combine to make the 3500 Series a brutally musical addition to our USA built lineup. The 3500 Series features our Evolution Subwoofer Package (ESP). ESP equipped drivers sport a deeper frame than standard subs and an exclusive surround and cone designs. ESP subs are truly built to maximize performance in their designated size class. The 3500 Series comes standard with an oversized dry finish black composite dust cap, red logo, and treated pulp cone, but it can be optioned out with alternative composite dust caps, composite cones, powder coated frames, supercharging, and a multitude of logo options to give your sub a personalized look and/or added performance for a specific application.

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MODEL 3510 (ESP)
Driver Size – in 10
Power Band – Watts 600 – 1200
Burst Power – Watts 4800
VCD – in 3
Impedance D2
Piston Dia – in 9.25
Fs – Hz 41.72
Qms 6.607
Qes 0.532
Qts 0.492
Vas – cu ft 0.534
Xmech – mm 80
Xmax – mm 17
Cutout Diameter – in 10.187
Mounting Depth – in 7.5
Motor Diameter – in 7.687
Driver Displacement – cu ft 0.12
Ported Enclosure – cu ft 1.25 – 1.75

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