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The M3d amplifier has been optimized to support the immense power demands of listeners who push their system to the edge of sonic insanity. It utilizes an extraordinarily robust power supply section to easily handle extreme impedance swings at high volumes, and the heavy duty aluminum extrusion is designed to keep things cool even under extended full-duty cycles. It comes with a remote control that enables you to quickly adjust the amps level while keeping an eye on clipping, voltage, and power status. If you want to aesthetically enhance your installation the M3d can be outfitted with optional aesthetic upgrades. These amps are also ZVL ready making multi amp systems easier to set up and control than ever before.

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Operating Voltage: 9 – 16
Test Voltage: 14.4
Output Channel(s): 1
Continuous Wattage @4ohm: 1350
Continuous Wattage @2ohm: 2500
Continuous Wattage @1ohm: 4000
Dynamic Wattage: 5000
Max Current Draw (Amps): 400
RCA Input Voltage Sensitivity: 8V – 0.2v
RCA Input S/N: 93dB
Damping Factor: 340
THD: 0.2%
Frequency Response (Hz): 13 – 213Hz
Sub-Sonic Filter: 10 – 50Hz
Low-Pass Filter: 20 – 200Hz
ZVL Input: Yes
Pass Thru Output: No
Remote Control: Remote Included in Box
Power Wire Gauge: 2 x 0
Speaker Wire Gauge: 10
Dimensions (Inches): 19.6 x 9 x 2.6
Dimensions (MM): 500 x 230 x 66
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 23

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