Ground Zero GZUW 12SQ-D2
Ground Zero GZUW 12SQ-D2

Ground Zero GZUW 12SQ-D2


These subwoofers are not made to make SPL records. These are made to give a natural and accurate sound with all the low notes. Listening pleasure with all kinds of music. You can use almost any type of enclosure, but for the very best results small sealed is the way to go. Sensitivity is good so you can invest your amp money to quality instead of thousands of watts. Excellent choice to car specific enclosures.

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30 cm / 12″ SQ Subwoofer
600 WRMS
Rec. amplifier power 4-800 Watts ( rms )
2 x 2 ohm
50 mm / 2″ copper voice coil
Reinforced paper cone
Audiophile POLYCOT spider

Fs 39.8 Hz
Qms 14.38
Qes 0.70
Qts 0.67
Vas 39.4L
Le 1.81 mH
Mms 159.4 gr
Bl 15.19
Xmax 20 mm
Effiency 87.2 dB

Outer diameter 315mm
Mounting cut out 284mm
Mounting depth 157mm

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