Audiotec Fischer Match PP 8W-Q
Audiotec Fischer Match PP 8W-Q

Audiotec Fischer Match PP 8W-Q


You didn′t find the type of enclosure sub you are looking for? – If none of the four MATCH Plug & Play enclosure subs fits in your car with respect to shape and/or size, then you have the chance to build your “personalized” version by yourself. Therefore we offer the woofers PP 72W-D and PP 8W-Q, which are 100% identical to the drivers that are used in the pre-loaded variants. As long as you choose the net volume and port tuning frequency according to the installation instructions, we guarantee the same acoustical performance as our “standard” subwoofers.

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Power RMS / max. P 200 / 400 Watts

Impedance Z 4 x 3 Ω

DC resistance Re 4 x 2.7 Ω

Resonance frequency Fs 37 Hz

Mechanical Q factor Qms 5.40

Electrical Q factor Qes 0.57

Total Q factor Qts 0.51

Compliance Cms 341 µm/N

Equivalent air volume Vas 23 L

Force factor B*I 7.5 Tm

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 87 dB

Cone area Sd 222 cm²

Moving mass Mms 53 g

Cone material Hand-scooped paper cone

Mechanical resistance Rms 3.3 kg/s

Voice coil diameter ø 50.8 mm

Voice coil winding height 21 mm

Max. linear excursion Xmax /- 6.5 mm

Outer diameter ø 212 mm / 8.35″

Installation diameter ø 183 mm / 7.2″

Installation depth 105 mm / 4.1″

Recommended enclosure volumes

Sealed box

Net volume –

Lower limiting frequency (-3dB) –

Vented box

Net volume 10 L

Port diameter ø 60 mm / 2.36″

Port area 28 cm²

Port length 25 cm / 9.84″

Port tuning frequency Fb 47 Hz

Lower limiting frequency (-3dB) 45 Hz

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