Soundigital SD400.2D EVO-II – 04 ohms


Soundigital amplifiers have taken over the market of subwoofer amplifiers. Unbelievably small physical size, reasonable price and BIG POWER are th main factors in this conquest. Now the size of a powerfull amp is brought to a whole new level. More than 500 watts of raw power in a chassis that is so small it barely covers your hand. For an amplfier this small, finding space for installation is not an issue in any car. There certainly is room for power! If you want to completely hide your amp easily, this is your choice. More power to main speakers or an efficient amp for a subwoofer.

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2 channel amplifier

operating voltage: 9-16 V

input sensitivity: 0.5-6.0 V

HP filter: 80 Hz on/off

LP filter: 80 Hz on/off

power @ 4 ohm, 12.6V: 2x 110 W RMS

power @ 2 ohm, 12.6V: 2x 200 W RMS

bridged power @ 4 ohm, 12.6V: 1x 400 W RMS

power @ 4 ohm, 14.4V: 2x 144 W RMS

power @ 2 ohm, 14.4V: 2x 261 W RMS

bridged power @ 4 ohm, 14.4V: 1x 522 W RMS

frequency response: 5 – 20 000 Hz

damping factor: 200

THD: 0,03%

rated power @ 10% THD

maximum current draw: 39A

cable size for speaker terminals: 8 mm²

cable size for power and ground terminals: 8 mm²

measurements: 128 x 46 x 136

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