Ground Zero 750 SPL Bas-kit


BASSKIT 750 SPL contains 3 pcs of the Ground Zero GZIW10SPL subwoofers in a very compact enclosure. Do you want a subwoofer that plays lowest lows with authority and hits hard with higher notes? It is now possible to buy completely built. And in an enclosure that definitely does not take your whole trunk. This enclosure with three drivers has an excellent sound quality, bass response goes very low and higher notes are also played with precision and kick. And still you can fit this box to almost any family wagon and hide it under the curtain. And you still have space left in the cargo area. We recommend to get an amplifier that can deliver about 2000 watts to 1 ohm load to get all the joy out of this fabulous box. BASSKIT 750 SPL also contains DD Audio DM2500a mono amplifier.

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Package includes following products:

– Ground Zero GZIB 3.2500SPL

– DD Audio DM2500a

Technical specs:

-3x 10″ SPL-subwoofer

– sealed enclosure

– class D-amplifier

– 2500W power

– bass remote included

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